My Vision

Lower Taxes:
  • Advocating for lower taxes for the residents of Oakville
  • Keeping taxes at or below the rate of inflation
  • Ensuring your tax dollars are efficiently used for better services within Ward 7

Traffic and Transit:
  • Creating and enforcing a traffic and transit management plan to keep our community safe
  • Increasing the number of smart traffic lights, pedestrian crosswalks, and four-way stop signs
  • Increasing police presence in high traffic areas
  • Construction and on time expansion of new roads, including the widening of Sixth Line, Trafalgar Rd, and Eighth Line
  • Implementing a neighborhood watch

  • Pushing for on-time construction of elementary and high schools within the ward so families do not have to send their children to schools that are located far from the community
  • An organized community plan to tackle overcrowding in schools
  • Advocating for a partnership between Oakville transit and Halton school boards to allow high school students to ride for free

Better Infrastructure and Recreational Facilities:
  • Advocating for a new community centre and library
  • Supporting a diverse range of athletic programs, including a cricket ground, a new indoor table tennis and tennis court, and the expansion of Sixteen Mile Sports Complex

  • Advocating for a better community and emergency services plan addressing the needs of existing and new families of Ward 7
  • Working closely with emergency, fire, and police services to ensure a safer environment

Local Businesses:
  • Work with local businesses to communicate their needs to the Town and help their business run successfully
  • Supporting small businesses, creating more jobs locally, and in turn supporting the local economy
  • Advocating for local businesses to advertise along Dundas Rd to help them gain public attention

Green Spaces:
  • Preserving green spaces as our community continues to grow
  • Implementing “Green Days” (plant trees, pick up trash, etc)
  • Advocating to protect Oakville’s Natural Heritage System

  • Creating and maintaining effective youth programs to help promote positive outcomes
  • After school programs including academic support, mentoring, youth development, arts, computer, sports and recreation

Senior Care:
  • Promoting health and safety programs and services for seniors, their families, and caregivers
  • Ensuring seniors are integrated into society through events that accommodate for their needs

Mental Health:
  • Supporting and creating community mental health programs to increase awareness

Community Outreach:
  • Regularly and frequently meeting with individuals and small groups via community events, public information meetings, or a cup of tea!
  • Working full time to make our beautiful Ward 7 even more vibrant