Saima Zaidi for Town Councillor • Ward 7

Working FULL TIME to serve you

  • Masters in English Literature
  • Dedicated Community Volunteer & Activist
  • Women’s Rights Advocate
  • One of the first residents of Ward 7

As a Canadian for over 25 years and a resident of Oakville North for over a decade, I have called Ward 7 home with a proud heart. My family was one of the first ones to move into the Preserve, and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing its growth. As an active community member, I have interacted with groups at the grass roots levels that have given me a deeper understanding of our community’s concerns. As your Town Councillor, I will be working FULL TIME to serve you, unlike my opponents who want to make this their evening job. I will be your strong voice to bring your suggestions and concerns forward to Town Hall, and work passionately to resolve them.

Being a social justice advocate, my passion for getting involved in the community has grown stronger over the years. Whether it is through volunteering at senior centres, organizing events such as community dinners and clothing drives, multi-faith outreach, or fundraising for organizations such as women’s shelters and youth helplines, I truly believe in taking initiative and helping out in every way possible. I am a strong women’s rights advocate and a passionate activist working to foster positive changes in our society. I am also a mentor for young adults interested in taking on leadership roles, helping them develop presentation and communication skills. It is this passion and dedication that will help me get things done as your Town Councillor for our community.

I hold a Masters degree in English Literature, and have previously worked at a renowned communications company for many years, where I received several awards for my services and leadership roles. Oakville has given me so much, and it’s time for me to give back.

To be your Town Councillor would be an honour. I will work diligently to make our beautiful town even more vibrant. A vote for me is a vote for YOU. So come out on October 22 and vote for the right choice: Saima Zaidi. My name may be Last on the Ballot, but I am always First for Families.

-Saima Zaidi